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Salon Suites Benefits

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

It’s a growing trend sweeping the nation and Salon Suites Benefits for beauty professionals are leading the charge. Empower your local neighbor, church member, friend, or family member to control their own destiny and be their own boss, and why not. Why not support those in your local community and enhance your local economy that allows for a greater and stronger city.  Although many in the hair or beauty profession wonder what this could look like for them. How do they control their destiny and set their schedule without all the startup cost and headache of tradition salon ownership. The answer is easy, Salon Suites. It seems that salon suite rental is a growing trend, a way that those in the hair or beauty industry can hop on board the small business train with ease. Here at Encore Salon Suites we pride ourselves on standing out from the rest and offering the best to our salon owners. Keep reading to learn not only the benefits of suite rental. Lastly, this also why suite rental with Salon Suites may be the perfect fit for securing your future.

Benefits of Leasing a Salon Suite in Atlanta

Being your own boss is something many people dream of their entire lives, and when you’re a hairstylist it is something you can turn into a reality by leasing a salon suite. You have the opportunity to create your own hours, use the products you choose, and basically run your business the way you want to.

If you’re building your own business and expanding your clientele. You will want to choose a salon that can help you to build a good reputation. Your workspace reflects on you, just as your behavior reflects on your workspace.  So you want to choose a salon that suits your aesthetic, your clientele, and your career goals near Atlanta.

Suppose you start out in a salon suite located in Atlanta and you struggle to gain clientele. Also, you clash with another stylist leasing space in the salon. You can always move to a different location and take your clients with you. If you work for commission, the salon owns the clients in most cases. Lastly, if you decide to leave you’ll have to start all over.

Salon Suite Benefits in Marietta

Many salons seeking stylists to rent space are willing to compete for your business in a variety of ways. Furthermore such as offering opportunities for free rent for a set number of weeks. As well as, providing a personal web page and marketing programs, and even delivering complimentary WiFi options. Leasing a suite allows for a good deal of autonomy. Including the option to run your own promotions, such as offering discounts. You can also offer deals, or coupons, or starting a referral program at our Marietta location. 

Benefits of Leasing a Salon Suite in Woodstock

You are joining a community. Although you are leasing a suite you are not alone. Time and time again we hear from our salon owners that they were scared to make the leap of owning their own business in Woodstock. Because they thought they would be isolated or alone, but in actuality it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our suite owners support each other and each location has its own distinct personality near Marietta. What’s more is that Salon Suites allows your clients the opportunity to have a one stop shop. They can get their nails done, get a facial, and have their hair done all in one convenient location. We pride ourselves with offering premiere salon locations in Atlanta and the surrounding area. We do extensive research on premiere retail locations to help set you up for success. Parking is also a priority at each location to accommodate the busiest of clients. Follow us on IG for more! 

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