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Benefits of working in a Salon Suite

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

There are many Salon Suite Benefits and thinking of beauty salon suites as mini beauty salons, or mini beauty shops. Instead of entering a beauty salon with five or six “stations,” you enter a mini salon with one working station. And if you are a talented professional who is tired of working for commissions in a beauty shop. Owned by someone else, the biggest difference in a beauty salon suite is that you can own it and be in business for yourself. Sharing the profits with no one else, and never working for commissions again.

At Encore Salon Suites, we support independent hair and beauty professionals by offering luxury salon suite rentals. Here are some of the benefits of working in a salon suite.

Salon Suite Benefits

What’s one of the biggest reasons stylists are leaving the traditional salon settings and opting for a career as an independent contractor? Lack of flexibility. As an independent hair stylist, you can work wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s in your home or a salon suite rental, during the day or at night. Independent hair stylists are in control. This level of flexibility is especially valuable for those with other responsibilities. As an independent stylist, you get to set your own hours and price and adjust them whenever you find necessary.

Additionally, you also get to be in control of how many clients you take on. Independent stylists and beauty professionals have the flexibility. To work as much or as little as they want while reaping the benefits of more meaningful interactions with their clients.

Salon Suite Rental Benefits

Traditional salons and barbershops often have strict rules and guidelines defined when it comes to wages, upselling products, workplace conduct, and more. Once choosing to become independent, beauty professionals can decide the best way to market their business and services. They decide which clients to take on and which ones they do not. While being in charge of business operations comes with a lot of responsibility, the stress and headache of having to adhere to unfavorable restrictions are eliminated.

Additionally, independent stylists and beauty professionals get to choose the services they offer. Whether a professional wants to be recognized as a hairstylist, skin care specialist, or they want to offer a wide range of services, you will be able to run your business the way you want to.

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