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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Encore Salon Suites for rent in Sandy Springs is a great way to start your career in beauty. The Salon Studio concept is a welcomed alternative in the hair salon industry for both stylists and their clients because it offers local hair stylists a realistic path to owning their own salon because the salon is actually a boutique suite that averages 150 to 200 square feet. Each suite comes fully furnished with top-of-the-line equipment and custom cabinetry and is essentially its own hair salon. The reception from clients has been overwhelmingly positive because each session is a private experience that is more personalized than an often noisy hair salon in Sandy Springs.

Therefore, Take your career to the next level with a Salon Suite for your beauty business. Additionally, Let our team help bring your vision to life in Sandy Springs so you can help the clients that love your beauty services.  Become apart of the dynamic beauty and hair industry by choosing the right Salon Suite for your business.  Contact us today about taking a tour of our Sandy Springs location. 

Salon Suite For Lease in Sandy Springs

At Encore Salon Suites, Our Salon suites for rent are complete with the finest features and superb security that you need to make your suite dreams come true in Sandy Springs.

  1. Luxury furnishings

  2. Personalization potential

  3. Supportive environment

  4. Community of creatives

  5. No commission splits

  6. 24/7 security

  7. Double-door secure entry

  8. Total privacy

  9. Eco-conscious policies

  10. Cross-promo opportunities

Sandy Springs Salon Suite Booth Rental

Beauty professionals choose Encore Salon Suites knowing that they are in business for themselves but, not by themselves – and because we provide necessary support to ensure success with your Salon suites for rent in Sandy Springs.

As well as, Discover a private, luxurious atmosphere where you are the sole focus. Furthermore, This suite space will satisfy your needs and leave you eager to return at Encore Salon Suites.

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