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Why not support those in your local community and enhance your local economy that allows for a greater and stronger city, but many in the beauty profession wonder what this could look like for them. How do they control their destiny and set their schedule without all the start up cost and headache of traditional salon ownership in Woodstock. The answer is easy, Salon Suites. It seems that salon suite rental is a growing trend, a way that those in the beauty industry can hop on board the small business train with ease, but here at Encore Salon Suites we pride ourselves on standing out from the rest and offering the best to our salon owners. Keep reading to learn not only the benefits of suite rental, but also why suite rental with Salon Suites may be the perfect fit for securing your future in Woodstock.


Being your own boss is something many people dream of their entire lives, and when you’re a hairstylist it is something you can turn into a reality by renting a salon suite in Sandy Springs. You have the opportunity to create your own hours, use the products you choose, and basically run your business the way you want to.


If you’re building your own business and expanding your clientele, you want to choose a salon that can help you to build a good reputation. Your workspace reflects on you, just as your behavior reflects on your workspace, so you want to choose a salon that suits your aesthetic, your clientele, and your career goals.

Not every stylist is going to fit in perfectly at every salon. When you rent a booth or suite instead of working as an employee at a salon, you enjoy greater flexibility to move if you need to.

Suppose you start out in one Atlanta location and you struggle to gain clientele, or you clash with another stylist renting space in the salon. You can always move to a different location and take your clients with you. If you work for commission, the salon owns the clients in most cases, so if you decide to leave you’ll have to start all over.

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