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The Salon Suite industry is growing at a rapid rate and for a good reason. Salon Suite renters make more money!

If you’re tired of the large scale Salon Suite properties where you’re just a tenant, Encore Salon Suites is the best salon suite in Atlanta, Marietta, Sandy Springs and Woodstock that offers a welcome alternative. We provide a pleasant, more relaxed atmosphere and do everything we can to support our beauty professionals and their dreams

With that growth so is the potential of 1000’s of beauty professionals to become financially independent. In the past the idea of owning your own salon required a store front, long term lease obligations, substantial amount of capital, employees and a lot of personal risk. Today, the Salon Suite concept enables beauty professionals to start their own Business at a very minimal cost (sometimes zero) and offer a lot of potential.


Encore Salon Suites is an intimate, boutique salon suite environment, providing luxurious, spacious salon suites to independent salon beauty professionals. Our suites provide salon and business professionals with the ability to own and operate their own business without the trouble and cost of all the expenses related to salon ownership.

Most Salon Suites are turn key operations, providing most amenities such as cabinets, sinks, styling chairs, wash stations etc. and includes utilities, Wi-Fi and cleaning services all in one weekly rent. Although not all salon suite companies are the same, at Encore Salon Suites, we enable you to:

• Keep 100% of your profit without sharing it with the store owner.

• Work any time of the day you prefer since you have 24/7 access.

• Set your own prices.

• Sell the products you like.


Looking for the best salon suites ina and around Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock and Sandy Springs? Look no further, at Encore Salon Suites, we guarantee Luxury Suites! Visit our Suites, compare and decide for yourself!

Salon professionals select Encore Salon Suites for a variety of reasons, including the ability to establish a one-of-a-kind salon culture, determine their own schedule, have more privacy with visitors, and make more money. But, above all, it’s about freedom and control. We provide high-end, move-in-ready suites as well as the assistance and equipment you need to experience the independence and advantages of salon ownership. Encore Salon Suites allows you to live your best life, both personally and professionally, with stunning studios, ready for you to customize and reflect your unique brand, personality and style. So, join our network of independent salon owners to become one step closer to having the life you deserve!

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